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Practice Areas

We have the resources and experience to battle large, global corporations. 

The tireless pursuit of justice for our injured clients is what sets Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball apart from other law firms. To achieve this goal, we bring our extensive knowledge of the law and superior advocacy skills to each case we handle.

Our success is proof of our commitment. We make a difference for our clients and co-counsel partners in these core areas:

Tire Litigation

If the manufacturer of defective tires does not offer to settle your claim fairly, we are equipped to take your case to court. Our seasoned team of litigation attorneys can develop a compelling case for compensation to present to judges and juries.

Tire Defects

A crucial safety feature of your vehicle is its tires, but defective tires can fail when you need them most. Our lawyers are ready to fight to gain the maximum in financial damages for injuries caused by defective tires.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Large commercial trucks weigh several times more than the average car. When companies fail to follow reasonable and required practices, when they fail to properly train and monitor their drivers, and when those drivers are negligent on the road, serious injuries and fatalities can result. We have a successful record of holding trucking companies and drivers accountable for the harm they cause.

Automotive Defects

The typical vehicle is made up of tens of thousands of parts made by various manufacturers. These parts must work seamlessly with one another and withstand the rigor of road travel. Should any of those parts fail and harm you and your family, we are prepared to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Child Restraint

You likely took a lot of time selecting the right car seat to protect your child. When that car seat fails because of a design or manufacturing defect, you deserve compensation for any injuries your child may suffer.

Defective Airbag Injuries

Defective airbags can pose a significant risk of injury and death to motorists when they fail to inflate properly. Our firm can help you recover compensation for any injuries you suffer due to these airbags.

Product Liability

Companies that put profits over consumer safety allow products with dangerous defects to make it into your home. Uncovering these defects and making businesses pay for injuries that result from their products requires the skills of an experienced product liability lawyer.

Industrial Explosions

Poor ventilation of dangerous gases and improper storage of flammable materials are among the workplace conditions that can lead to deadly industrial explosions. Employers who do not prioritize workplace safety should face legal consequences for injuries that result from these catastrophes.

Multidistrict Litigation

When numerous plaintiffs have a common claim against a single defendant in federal court, those cases may be consolidated into a multidistrict litigation, also known as an “MDL.” This approach can offer an efficient and consolidated processing of all claims, but the procedure is complicated and demands the knowledge of an experienced lawyer.

Class Actions

A class action is a lawsuit brought by a small number of injured plaintiffs representing hundreds or thousands of similarly injured people. The rules are complex, so entrust your case to a skilled attorney.

Commercial Disputes

Businesses of all sizes want to be profitable, but their interactions with other companies can hinder that goal. Broken contracts and stolen intellectual property are just two of the many issues that can require the guidance of a highly qualified lawyer to resolve.