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Tire Failure and Blowout Litigation

Tire defects and tread separation failure contribute to more than 10,000 crashes on U.S. roads every year. The trial team at Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball is committed to improving vehicle safety by holding negligent tire manufacturers responsible for designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling defective and dangerous products. Tire defect litigation is highly complex and requires skilled lawyers with the resources and experience to battle large, global corporations. Our trial team has successfully represented clients in litigation against every major tire manufacturer.

We firmly believe that when corporate interests place profit over safety, they must be held accountable for the pain and suffering caused by their short-sighted decisions. We handle a wide variety of tire defect claims:

When tires fail, we have the technical and practical experience to hold the manufacturer accountable. To discuss your possible tire related legal claim, contact Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball at 800-311-1747 or info@klfblaw.com.