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Farrar & Ball resolves Highly Publicized Case against Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball successfully concluded litigation with Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. The firm represented Maria and Jesus Rodriguez, age 11, in a tire failure incident wherein Maria was seriously injured and Jesus was rendered a paraplegic. The incident occurred and the case was filed in Harris County, Texas.

As a result of the catastrophic tire failure, Maria and Jesus were forever affected. Due to his paralysis, Jesus’s future medical needs were estimated by experts in excess of $8 million.

During the pendency of the case, Farrar & Ball successfully compelled the production of tens of thousands of pages of internal Cooper Tire documents. With the benefit of these documents, Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball were able to prove the tire was defectively manufactured and designed. However, at the insistence of Cooper Tire the information produced during the pendency of the case has been forever sealed by the District Court due to Cooper’s claim of confidentiality. Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball maintain the documents represent nothing presently confidential of any concern to Cooper Tire. Rather, the reason for Cooper’s insistence of confidentiality concerns the fact all information is simply “dirty laundry,” which could injure Cooper in future litigation.

Kaster Lynch Farrar & Ball, LLP is dedicated to helping those injured due to corporate neglect. Our firm has developed specialized knowledge of tire and vehicle failures and each respective industry. If you have a case involving injury as the result of a tire or vehicle failure, please call us immediately. We aggressively work every case as though it were our only case. You too will receive specialized attention.

The case concluded two months before trial was to begin. At the urging of Cooper Tire, Plaintiffs are unable to disclose the terms.