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Podcast Features Wesley Ball on Mastering the Art of Trial Law

On a recent episode of the Trial Lawyer University podcast, veteran product defect trial lawyer Wesley Ball provided valuable insights for attorneys aiming to excel in the courtroom.  Among other topics, Mr. Ball and host Dan Ambrose discussed two of firm’s recent and high-profile cases against controversial figure Alex Jones and automotive giant Mitsubishi.

The conversation began with Mr. Ball discussing how the firm’s goals and focus shifted early, and that ability to adapt to changing circumstances has been critical to the firm’s success:

One of the things we said was we’re not doing any products cases, you’re not going to do that and blow all of the money we’ve got on one case, and we’ll be done. And about two or three weeks after we said that a really, really good and big products case walked through the door.

The discussion continues with the “Perry Mason” moment in the Alex Jones trial: 

And so, Mark begins to cross [Alex Jones] on this and sets him up a couple different ways. And I think the most famous part of that cross examination was, “Do you know that ten days ago your attorneys messed up and sent me a copy of your entire cell phone record?”

You could just see his eyes like deer in a headlight. … That was without a doubt the crowning moment of that trial.

The podcast concludes with Mr. Ball discussing the secrets of gaining a favorable jury verdict, including:

Anchoring your case all the way through from the beginning to the end is something that   I’ve come to really enjoy and strategizing and working with my consults on and is something that has taught me to be a better lawyer.

To listen to the complete hour-long episode, visit Trial Lawyer University.